Unleash the limitless possibilities of your Fusion Applications with KNEX.


As a valued member of the Fusion Inner Circle and an early adopter, Basheer Khan has explored the depths of Fusion Applications. Recognizing his exceptional expertise, Oracle reached out to Khan in 2010 with a unique proposition: to lead the installation of Fusion Applications for pioneering companies. This pivotal experience fueled Khan’s vision of establishing a consulting firm that not only proficiently implemented Fusion Applications but also partnered with clients to maximize their investments and operational potential. Fueled by this visionary concept, Khan laid the foundation of KNEX Technology in 2013, driven by the mission to seamlessly implement cloud-based applications, harmonize their integration with existing systems, and amplify their functionality to bridge operational gaps.

In the year 2005, Oracle bestowed upon Khan the prestigious title of Oracle ACE Director, a distinguished accolade under the ACE Program designed to honor individuals who have attained the zenith of expertise in their respective domains. The year 2012 witnessed the ascent of KNEX’s Chief Technology Officer, Gustavo Gonzalez, to the same revered status. This remarkable achievement etched KNEX into the annals of history, standing as the sole organization worldwide to boast two out of three ACE Directors specializing in the intricate domain of Fusion Applications.

Catalysts of Transformative Progress – In Unity
The narrative of Oracle and KNEX is punctuated by a series of synergistic ventures, each contributing to the tapestry of remarkable accomplishments. Among these, a particular feat stands as a testament to their collective prowess: the swift and seamless implementation of Fusion Applications across an expansive footprint spanning 14 nations, all accomplished within a mere 16-week timeline. Reflecting on this extraordinary feat, Khan shares, “We believe this is an unprecedented achievement; no other endeavor of such magnitude and speed has come to our attention.”

Venturing beyond the realms of rapid implementation, KNEX has also woven threads of transformative impact. An illustrative instance unfolds with a client entrenched in the financial services sector. This client, burdened with the arduous task of manually collating data from diverse banking sources, found respite through KNEX’s ingenious intervention. Leveraging the power of Oracle Integration Cloud, KNEX orchestrated an automation symphony that liberated the client from the shackles of manual data collection, bestowing upon them newfound operational efficiency.

Yet, amid these remarkable accomplishments, the heart of KNEX’s narrative beats most vibrantly in its collaboration with non-profit organizations. A heartwarming partnership unfurls, wherein KNEX extends its expertise to empower non-profits in their noble endeavors. The crux of this alliance lies in enabling these benevolent entities to embrace Oracle Fusion Applications, simplifying their intricate operational intricacies. Liberated from the burdens of administrative complexities, these non-profits stand emboldened to channel their energies toward their core missions – infusing positive change into a world thirsting for compassion and transformation.

In the grand tapestry of technological evolution and collaborative spirit, the saga of Basheer Khan, KNEX Technology, and Oracle converges in a symphony of expertise, innovation, and compassion. Together, they have sculpted a narrative where intricate applications converge seamlessly, global barriers dissolve expeditiously, and transformative visions find a nurturing haven. This is more than a tale of technological prowess; it is a testament to the enduring impact that a shared vision, hewn by dedication and fueled by ingenuity, can have on shaping a brighter, more harmonious world for all ages to cherish.

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