Top 10 AI directors in the world


The realm of business strategy is in a constant state of flux, as it seamlessly integrates AI systems into its arsenal of digital expansion techniques. AI Magazine is currently shining a spotlight on some of the pioneers within this sector.

In recent times, the role of Chief AI Officer has emerged, steadily gaining significance as enterprises ramp up their investments in AI endeavors. In today’s landscape, the workplace finds itself compelled to brace for the advent of AI, along with the extensive possibilities and obstacles inherent in this ever-evolving technology. Within this job designation, the incumbent shoulders the responsibility of shepherding companies through the intricate realm of AI tools, algorithms, and advancements. All of these efforts amalgamate to ensure that the company remains at the vanguard, leveraging the potential of digital expansion and metamorphosis.

With an unwavering commitment to digital transformation, AI Magazine casts a spotlight on some of the distinguished Chief AI Officers who are leading the charge.

1. Gila KamhiIntel Corporation

Starting from 2021, Gila Kamhi has taken on the pivotal responsibility within Intel, spearheading the AI/ML technology department. Within this realm, her focus revolves around unearthing novel applications in the realm of wireless and connectivity solutions. Her collaboration extends to internal stakeholders within Intel, all with the overarching goal of introducing fresh AI-driven services to the company’s existing product lineup.

Before assuming this role, Kamhi held the position of Principal Engineer at Intel. During that phase, she led the charge for the Perceptual Computing Advanced Technologies team. Her leadership centered on strategic exploration, forging pathways that led to immersive augmented reality experiences.

Presently, her team is diligently working towards the establishment of an AI Center of Excellence. The ethos of oneAPI Centers of Excellence aligns with their efforts, championing open accelerated computing. In doing so, their aim is nothing short of propelling the forthcoming era of innovation, all under the umbrella of open standards and within the framework of a dynamic ecosystem.

2. Gargi Banerjee DasguptaIBM

Meet Gargi B. Dasgupta, the visionary at the helm as Chief AI Officer for IBM Automation. In her impactful role, she assumes the mantle of overseeing the grand tapestry of technical vision and AI strategy within IBM Automation, intricately woven in collaboration with vital stakeholders spanning the globe.

With a steadfast journey within the realms of IBM dating back to 2004, Gargi has worn multiple hats. She once held the esteemed position of Director for IBM Research in India, as well as the esteemed mantle of CTO for IBM India/South Asia. During her tenure, she was the architect of the technical landscape for IBM’s India Research Lab. This endeavor saw her seamlessly aligning the pursuits of IBM’s global research labs and business units, creating a synchronized symphony of innovation.

Gargi’s influence also extended as a strategist within IBM Research. Her sphere of influence was extensive, entailing close collaboration with the Hybrid Cloud and AI business factions, as well as global services. This collective effort was singularly dedicated to channeling ingenious solutions to clients across the expanse of the globe.

3. Mei May SooDell Technologies

Emerging from a foundation entrenched in Finance, Accounting, Procurement, and Logistics through her preceding endeavors, Soo boasts an intimate camaraderie with the realm of data and analytics. At the present juncture, she stands at the helm of the AI/ML crusade within Global Presales at Dell Technology. This endeavor casts her in the role of a problem solver, closely collaborating with customers in a resolute and impartial manner.

A recent instance underscores her team’s prowess. They conceived and actualized a profound Deep Learning model, meticulously designed to discern and classify diverse varieties of corals. This pioneering effort was executed in conjunction with the noble pursuit of conserving the Great Barrier Reef. Furthermore, the overarching trajectory of Dell Technologies is one of integration and deployment of AI, woven intricately into the fabric of their various enterprises.

4. Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, PhDeBay

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov stands as eBay’s pioneering Chief AI Officer, channeling his attention towards the transformative potential of AI technology in enriching the user journey across the platform. His efforts are steadfastly directed at cultivating distinctiveness and propelling substantial business expansion, all while centering on the pillars of AI platforms, generative AI, NLP, and mobile AI.

In a noteworthy move last year, eBay decisively delved into AI-fueled visual encounters, effectively integrating AI tools into the realm of visual and content comprehension. Mekel-Bobrov, in a candid interview, elucidated that their focus is not merely on employing AI for creation, but more so on crafting AI tools that empower their community of buyers and sellers to become creators themselves.

5. Sulabh SoralDeloitte

Drawing upon two decades of seasoned expertise in the domains of product innovation, data science, and technology, Sulabh Soral takes the reins of the Deloitte AI Institute in the UK. In this capacity, his mission revolves around harmonizing the finest echelons of global AI intellect to foster the evolution of symbiotic human-machine partnerships.

At the core of the Deloitte AI Institute’s agenda lies the pursuit of shepherding organizations through the realms of digital transformation with the aid of AI. This voyage is orchestrated through a symphony of pioneering research and innovation. Soral, an active participant in this orchestration, finds himself intricately enmeshed with some of the sharpest minds in the realm of AI/ML, all aligned under the banner of the “Age of With.”

6. Mike MasonThoughtworks

At the forefront of innovation stands Mike Mason, a driving force behind the integration of cutting-edge technology to surmount intricate business challenges. His mission extends beyond mere problem-solving; he’s committed to enlightening leaders about the pivotal role technology and AI play in crafting comprehensive organizational solutions. With his base in Canada, his journey with ThoughtWorks began in 2003, propelling him to collaborate with clients worldwide in the capacity of Global Head of Technology. His sphere of influence reverberated through the construction of global technology capability initiatives.

Today, adorned with the mantle of Chief AI Officer, his focus pivots towards catalyzing the widespread adoption of generative AI. This pursuit isn’t confined to the boundaries of his own company. Instead, it resonates through the services offered to clients. The company’s North Star is firmly fixed on the goal of invigorating clients’ AI journey, embedding it seamlessly into their software processes to kindle a more profound era of digital transformation.

7. Rahul BhotikaUnitedHealth Group

Having a deep-rooted experience in AI healthcare services, Rahul Bhotika is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge AI/ML solutions that make a significant difference within the UnitedHealth Group. His focus lies in constructing tools and algorithms that not only counteract bias but also ensure the safe and secure implementation of AI solutions.

Spanning across the entire spectrum of healthcare, the AI team’s domain encompasses pharmacy, finance, clinical operations, and value-based healthcare. Their ultimate objective is to harness the power of AI/ML to enhance healthcare outcomes. A substantial aspect of this endeavor revolves around enhancing efficiency and fostering the responsible utilization of AI.

8. Parminder BhatiaGE HealthCare

Assuming the role of Chief AI Officer at GE Healthcare in April 2023, Parminder Bhatia is diligently dedicated to advancing AI solutions for enhanced patient support. His noteworthy background includes a six-year tenure at AWS, during which he spearheaded the creation of innovative AI-powered cloud services. Among his achievements are the development of Amazon CodeWhisperer, Amazon Comprehend Medical, and Amazon Health AI.

In the realm of research, Bhatia’s current passions revolve around the utilization of deep learning and machine learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP). His pursuits encompass refining language representation and bolstering existing systems concerning named entities, relation extraction, normalization, coreference resolution, conversational models, chatbots, language modeling, and machine translation tasks.

9: Daniel Hulme, PhDWPP

Recognized on a global scale for his profound expertise in AI and as an investor in emerging technologies, Daniel Hulme collaborates with WPP to meticulously define, discern, curate, and advocate for AI capabilities and novel prospects, all intended to contribute to the greater welfare of society.

In his analysis, Hulme characterizes AI as “goal-directed adaptive behavior,” though he acknowledges that present-day AI systems employed by businesses exhibit a reduced emphasis on the ‘adaptive’ facet. This stems from the fact that corporations often task machines with routine, repetitive functions. Hulme asserts the importance of appraising AI within the context of its application, fostering a foundation for secure innovation.

Parallel to his engagements at WPP, Hulme holds the position of CEO at Satalia, an acclaimed enterprise that furnishes AI products and solutions to global giants like Tesco and PwC.

10. Moxesh P.United Nations

Assuming the pivotal role of Chief AI Officer for the United Nations (UN) since 2018, Moxesh P. is unwaveringly dedicated to initiatives encompassing AI research and advancement. Within this scope, the UN has resounded a clarion call for additional direction in shaping the future landscape of AI. Central to this vision is the aspiration for AI to be universally advantageous and impartial, without succumbing to biases.

The UN has stood as an unwavering proponent of the conscientious utilization of AI. Ongoing discussions concerning the judicious development of AI may potentially culminate in the implementation of more stringent regulations and comprehensive guidelines as we navigate the year 2023 and beyond.

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