Quadient: AI technology has the potential to help fight fraud

Karim Ben-Jafaar from Quadient delves into the peaks and valleys of AI, underscoring the substantial impact AI can have in thwarting fraud occurrences and cyber threats. Generative AI has already brought about a revolutionary shift across various business domains, unlocking novel avenues and facilitating global digital transformation. Nevertheless, this progress is accompanied by notable perils….

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Hopes and Risks: The Rise of Next Generation AI

Philipp Pointner from Jumio delves into the realm of AI’s potential to facilitate cost-effective misinformation and intricate scams, while also highlighting strategies for businesses to shield themselves from these dangers. The sweeping influence of Generative AI has garnered attention worldwide, driven by the recent triumph of ChatGPT, an ingenious text-generation chatbot. Our latest research discloses…

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Top 10 AI directors in the world

The realm of business strategy is in a constant state of flux, as it seamlessly integrates AI systems into its arsenal of digital expansion techniques. AI Magazine is currently shining a spotlight on some of the pioneers within this sector. In recent times, the role of Chief AI Officer has emerged, steadily gaining significance as…

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Frontier Model: advocating for responsible AI systems

Born out of a collaboration between Google, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, the collective’s purpose is to oversee the development of AI and guarantee its responsible and secure evolution. Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI constitute the Frontier Model Forum, an industry consortium aiming to concentrate on ushering in the cautious and conscientious advancement of cutting-edge AI…

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aws summit ny 2023

The Power of Generative AI: AWS Pioneers New Frontiers Across Industries

In a groundbreaking stride toward the future, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pushing the boundaries of innovation with its application of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) across multiple industries. Their commitment to democratize access to this cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the way organizations operate. AWS’s engagement with organizations and standard bodies dedicated to the…

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