Kyndryl Partners with Microsoft to Drive Enterprise AI Adoption

Kyndryl Partners with Microsoft to Drive Enterprise AI Adoption

The of strategic collaboration is to expedite the integration of generative AI into businesses.

Kyndryl, the technology infrastructure provider, has joined forces with Microsoft to accelerate the adoption of enterprise-level generative AI solutions. This collaboration is a major milestone for Kyndryl as it begins its journey as an independent public company. Both industry leaders will work closely together to drive the advancement of generative AI in multiple sectors.

Kyndryl has launched a consult-led AI readiness program to simplify the integration of generative AI. This initiative aims to guide and assist businesses in exploring the potential use cases of generative AI in their operations. Teaming up with Microsoft, our goal is to seamlessly embed enterprise-grade generative AI solutions into businesses, leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.

With access to Microsoft’s advanced tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Azure Open AI Service, and Microsoft Fabric, Kyndryl will leverage them as a foundation for pioneering generative AI solutions. Together, the two companies will lead the way in designing and developing groundbreaking AI-driven innovations throughout their organizations.

Microsoft’s Unwavering Commitment to AI Advancement

Microsoft is unwavering in its dedication to driving AI technology forward, acknowledging its growing importance across various sectors. This commitment highlights the transformative power of AI services.

Kyndryl is actively advancing AI capabilities by enrolling thousands of employees in specialized training on Microsoft AI technologies at Kyndryl University. This initiative aims to empower the workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to harness the full potential of Microsoft’s AI offerings.

Kyndryl Consult is launching an AI-readiness initiative, dedicated to exploring and embracing the potential of generative AI solutions. Leveraging its team of experts, Kyndryl will assist new and existing customers in building a strong data foundation and navigating the complexities of implementing generative AI technologies.

The company aims to utilize its extensive domain expertise and enterprise-grade AI knowledge to showcase the advantages of generative AI in various industry domains.

Enabling Customer-driven Innovation

This partnership offers substantial benefits to customers. By leveraging Kyndryl Vital and the Microsoft-Kyndryl Joint Innovation Centers, businesses can explore tailored use cases and discover opportunities to integrate generative AI into their operations. This collaborative approach promises valuable data insights and propels advancements in generative AI.

The partnership between Kyndryl and Microsoft marks a turning point in Kyndryl’s journey as an independent public company. Their collaboration unlocks exciting opportunities for innovation, driving business outcomes and capitalizing on emerging revenue streams in data modernization, governance, and AI within rapidly expanding sectors.

In collaboration, Stephen Boyle, GM Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft, sums it up perfectly: “Kyndryl and Microsoft share a vision to responsibly empower our customers to collaboratively explore, design, and implement generative AI solutions within their organizations, all while achieving tangible business outcomes.”

In era of technological progress, collaborations like these showcase how industry frontrunners are coming together to harness the transformative power of AI for exponential growth.

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