Wipro Invests $1 Billion to Train Workforce and Boost AI Capabilities

Wipro commits to huge AI investment to train its employees

, the top technology services and consulting company, is making a major move by announcing a $1 billion investment in advancing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities over the next three years. This investment is part of their broader commitment of $1 billion towards digital transformation.

Demonstrating its commitment to nurturing AI expertise, Wipro has launched an innovative ecosystem known as Wipro ai360. This all-encompassing AI-first innovation platform strives to seamlessly integrate AI across multiple platforms, tools, and solutions, both internally and in collaboration with clients.

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent in various industries, Wipro stands out for its commitment to responsible AI. The company strives to establish a comprehensive innovation ecosystem centered around responsible AI practices, prioritizing corporate accountability and risk management.

The will primarily concentrate on the expansion of AI, data, and analytics solutions. It will also support the development of new research and development initiatives and platforms. This initiative aims to enhance the FullStride Cloud and Consulting capabilities, aligning with Wipro’s recent partnership with Google Cloud. Together, they will incorporate generative AI across Wipro’s suite of offerings, creating innovative value for enterprises.

Wipro is taking a bold step to empower its workforce by offering extensive training on AI fundamentals and responsible AI tool usage to all 250,000 employees within the next year. This initiative guarantees ongoing education and customization for employees in AI-focused roles.

Driving AI Adoption Through Innovative Ecosystem

At the core of Wipro’s strategy lies ai360, a fusion of expertise from 30,000 company professionals in data analytics and AI, along with technology from its global business lines. As part of its extensive training program, Wipro is currently crafting a curriculum that outlines the AI journey for different roles.

The company strives to utilize these capabilities to develop innovative solutions and integrate AI into all aspects of its operations and practices. Through its new global business line model, it aims to improve agility, speed, and delivery efficiency.

Lab, the innovation hub, will be a key player in the Wipro ai360 ecosystem. It will offer clients the necessary talent, training, scale, and co-innovation capabilities to drive the adoption of AI at a rapid pace.

Furthermore, Wipro plans to increase its investments in state-of-the-art start-ups via its Wipro Ventures division. Additionally, they will be launching the GenAI Seed Accelerator program, aimed at equipping selected start-ups focused on GenAI with the necessary training to prepare them for the world of enterprise.

Strategically Positioned for the AI-Driven Future

Thierry Delaporte, the CEO and Managing Director of Wipro Limited, highlighted the ever-evolving AI landscape. “Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly changing field,” he remarked. Delaporte envisions that the rise of generative AI will drive transformative changes in various industries, leading to the emergence of novel business models, work approaches, and hurdles.

Delaporte emphasized Wipro’s dedication to responsible AI operations, highlighting that the ai360 ecosystem aims to empower the company’s talent and integrate AI across all aspects of operations, processes, and client solutions. He confidently proclaimed, “We are completely ready for the AI-driven future!”

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