Unlocking Endless Possibilities: FlexDeploy’s DevOps Platform and Oracle Partnership

Unlocking Endless Possibilities: FlexDeploy's DevOps Platform and Oracle Partnership

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, software automation has become a cornerstone of efficient software development and delivery processes. Flexagon, a pioneering software automation company, has harnessed the power of automation to simplify complex software processes through its innovative DevOps platform, FlexDeploy. Teaming up with Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure and Applications, FlexDeploy has emerged as a game-changer, streamlining services and enabling businesses to adopt new technologies seamlessly.

Automating Complexity

FlexDeploy’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Goerdt, elucidates the company’s mission to introduce automation and governance into software processes, ensuring visibility and traceability of changes. By integrating FlexDeploy’s advanced automation capabilities with Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure and Applications, customers can navigate intricate development and delivery landscapes with ease.

Streamlining Through Partnership

FlexDeploy’s collaboration with Oracle brings forth a harmonious synergy aimed at simplifying services for customers. The integration of out-of-the-box capabilities tailored for vendor ecosystems, such as Oracle’s, eliminates complexity through intuitive plug-ins and solutions. This approach empowers customers to embrace emerging technologies like Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Integration effortlessly.

A Multifaceted Relationship

Flexagon’s relationship with Oracle transcends a simple partnership. Leveraging development and demo environments, as well as tapping into Oracle’s product and marketing resources, FlexDeploy optimizes its functionalities to seamlessly align with Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Integration. This collaboration plays a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of cloud services, enhancing both customer experiences and partner engagements.

Realizing Partnership Potential

A shining example of this partnership’s prowess is evident in Heathrow Airport’s transformation journey. Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle Integration, and APEX played integral roles in this massive overhaul, orchestrated successfully by Capgemini, an Oracle and Flexagon partner. The impact of this partnership radiates globally, as FlexDeploy’s extensive out-of-the-box capabilities continue to empower customers, enabling faster, high-quality, cost-efficient, and risk-managed operations.

A Bright Road Ahead

Flexagon’s achievements and the fruitful collaboration with Oracle mark significant milestones, yet the journey is far from over. As Oracle introduces new services and enhancements, FlexDeploy remains closely aligned, enhancing its capabilities to support the ever-evolving landscape. The strategic focus also extends to bolstering go-to-market initiatives, fostering direct customer engagement and further strengthening partner relationships.


In the ever-expanding realm of software automation and cloud integration, Flexagon’s partnership with Oracle shines as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. The union of FlexDeploy’s advanced DevOps platform with Oracle’s cloud prowess has paved the way for endless possibilities, enabling businesses to scale new heights of efficiency, agility, and success. As the future unfolds, the synergy between Flexagon and Oracle promises to continue driving transformative outcomes for customers and partners alike.

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