Intel & Accenture join forces to boost AI dev with open source kits


Intel and Accenture are teaming up to introduce 34 AI reference kits, open source and ready to use. These kits are designed to boost innovation in cloud and edge environments, benefiting a wide range of industries.

Intel and Accenture have joined forces to democratize AI in both cloud and edge settings. Their collaboration has resulted in a series of 34 open source AI reference kits, empowering developers and data scientists to accelerate innovation.

Intel and Accenture are joining forces to streamline the implementation of AI solutions across various industries, including energy, financial services, health, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Their collaboration offers comprehensive reference kits that encompass model code, training data, machine learning pipeline instructions, libraries, and oneAPI components. These resources are designed to optimize AI applications in both cloud and edge environments.

Open source AI tools drive digital transformation by fostering collaboration, transparency, knowledge sharing, and ethical practices among companies. Intel’s AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) department is widely recognized for uncovering inventive use cases in connectivity solutions and seamlessly integrating AI-based services into their existing products.

The Intel oneAPI programming model, based on open standards, integrates various components from Intel’s software portfolio. It simplifies the incorporation of AI into applications, resulting in improved performance and productivity.

Dr. Wei Li, Vice President and General Manager of AI and Analytics at Intel, highlights the empowering nature of AI reference kits. These kits provide developers and data scientists with a cost-effective and efficient means to build and scale AI applications across different domains.

With the increasing adoption of AI in various domains, there is a growing focus on responsible use and regulations. Intel’s regularly updated reference kits offer a comprehensive suite of tools, spanning visual quality inspection, conversational AI chatbot setup, predictive asset health analytics, medical imaging diagnostics, document automation, and AI-structured data generation.

Organizations can speed up the development and training of AI models by using AI reference kits and harnessing the power of oneAPI. This approach ensures portability for open accelerated computing applications.

Collaborating with Intel, John Giubileo, the Managing Director of Accenture, emphasized the significance of building AI reference kits for the open source community. These kits, based on oneAPI, provide developers with a portable and efficient solution, reducing project complexity and deployment time across various industries. As a result, clients benefit from more productive AI workloads.

Intel is leading the way towards a future where AI is accessible to all. Their commitment to an open AI software ecosystem empowers businesses to fully unleash the potential of artificial intelligence.

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