Dell Technologies introduces new products to enhance generative AI advancements

Dell Technologies AI

Dell Technologies has taken a bold step to boost secure generative AI projects by expanding its AI offerings. Teaming up with NVIDIA, the tech giant is driving businesses towards real-time insights to foster greater innovation.

Dell Generative AI Solutions, the newest offering, expands on Dell’s previously introduced Project Helix in May 2023. Its main goal is to streamline the implementation of full-stack generative AI, specifically with large language models (LLMs). This comprehensive suite of solutions covers IT, PCs, and professional services, serving organizations of all sizes and industries. With these cutting-edge tools, Dell aims to empower businesses to attain superior AI-driven results.

Dell Technologies, in partnership with NVIDIA, aims to transform services and business outcomes with generative AI as part of its commitment to integrating and implementing AI in businesses. The product lineup includes Dell Precision workstations, Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerScale scale-out storage, Dell ECS enterprise object storage, and additional services. This comprehensive portfolio provides enterprises with dependable tools to deploy generative AI solutions across different environments, ranging from desktops to core data centers, edge locations, and public clouds.

The Dell Validated Design for Generative AI with NVIDIA is an innovative inferencing blueprint. It enables quick and secure deployment of a scalable generative AI platform for enterprises. In the past, scaling and supporting LLMs for real-time results, while integrating seamlessly with AI infrastructure, posed challenges. However, Dell’s new solution overcomes these hurdles, empowering customers to make faster predictions and decisions, leveraging their proprietary data with higher quality.

These advancements enable organizations to quickly implement Dell’s generative AI projects and scale applications, transforming various business processes. Key areas like customer operations, content creation and management, software development, and sales can experience significant impact through these cutting-edge solutions.

The AI ecosystem relies on Dell Validated Designs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, and the NVIDIA NeMo end-to-end framework as its core components. Additionally, the generative AI infrastructure is complemented by resilient and scalable unstructured data storage from Dell PowerScale and Dell ECS storage.

Dell’s services revolve around integrating innovative generative AI into existing infrastructure. With a new generative AI strategy, the company identifies high-value use cases and develops a roadmap to achieve them. They provide full-stack implementation services and adoption services tailored to specific use cases like customer operations and content creation. Once integrated, Dell’s scaling services help improve efficiency through managed services, training, and resident experts.

By incorporating Dell Optimizer, an integrated AI software, performance is elevated across applications, network connectivity, and audio. Especially for mobile workstation users, the utilization of generative AI models enhances application performance while minimizing battery runtime impact. This remarkable advancement greatly benefits professionals who are constantly on the move.

The accessibility of generative AI is becoming more widespread, and it’s promising to see large companies like Dell taking significant steps in this direction. With Dell Technologies’ new generative AI solutions, there is a great sense of optimism for the positive impacts it will have on businesses worldwide, fostering their development and growth.

Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Dell Technologies, is excited about the potential of generative AI. He believes it will transform innovation and improve customer experience. Clarke emphasizes that businesses of all sizes can now use their own data and context to train, fine-tune, and make inferences on Dell infrastructure solutions, leading to AI-driven growth and success in a new era.

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